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I sometimes provide stuff for the Gintama, Haikyuu!! and Noragami fandoms.

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Kageyama and his quirky way to confess his feelings


Screentone-sticking with Hori-senpai—- oh.

Eheheheh, guess who’s replying so early today? XDDD

Ehhhh?? Wait I haven’t received anything like that yet. although IKR??? I’m really really psyched too about the Part 2 of Kokoro Control!! I really wanna read it and just looking at the preview is just killing me uggggghhh why is Bubunhanten so goooood ;w; And do you know that 2-part doujin with Oikawa, “Sono Iro no Kakera wo Hirotte?” That’s an old doujinshi of Bubunhanten, and it’s R-18 although the preview.. the previews for that just slayed me aaaaaaaahhhh <3 Is R-18 okay for you though? Coz I have some spoiler pics too— *shot*

AND WHY?? DON’T SAY SORRRYYY I MEAN I AM ALSO MAKING YOU WAIT ;_; And no, don’t feel sorry for flooding my inbox; it makes me happy every time i receive a new message so just the fact that i can see a lot of ask notifications whenever i open my tumblr really makes me happy :)) Just like what I’ve said to you before, don’t hold back, feel free to tell me everything \o/ Ehhhh nah I’m not really a popular blog, popular blogs have like 10k followers and I only got like, 2.2k? Hahahah XDD And ooooh, you have your own Tumblr, you should have told me sooner then! That way I could’ve followed you earlier, ya know? lol

And oooh SAT prep courses huh? Actually I have no idea what it’s like since I have never taken it before, and the curriculum here in the Philippines is different from there anyway XD Nope I don’t have a passport and I haven’t gone out of the country, I actually rarely go outside of my place since I’m too poor for that ;_; Anyway maybe once I earn lots of money I’ll be out of the country too and I’ll go to Japan, hahaha XD

Kokoro Control is definitely one of my favorites! I actually posted Hanabi too, have you seen that one? I’ll post Ichinichi Kareshi this weekend, we’ll have a blast of Bubunhanten doujins :D Well, mostly yes, I’m the one doing the administrative job after all, though I asked some of them to reply to other anons too. Though most of the time.. yeah, I was the one who experienced most of the wrath OTL Well it’s mostly resolved anyway~

Ah no, Haikyuu!! isn’t ending yet! The anime is ending, yes, because it was only slated to have 25 episodes after all. XD But yeah, it’s like KnB, it will come back again since it is extremely popular, and the DVD/BD Vol.1 of Haikyuu!! sold better than KnB too, so S2  is pretty much inevitable! And yessss that showdown between Kageyama and Oikawa, and Sugaaaaaaaaa!! Sugaaaa’s finally playing next ep! And even though I already knew that it will happen, it still broke my heart to see Kageyama subbed out, he’s just like.. so hurt ugh my poor bby he needs hugs *glomps Kageyama*

Ah no I haven’t caught up on it yet, I plan on catching up soon though, haha! And whaaaat? More boring that Yamato and Mei? I mean, Yamato and Mei’s relationship is extremely boring already, and it’s even more boring than that??? *FACEPALM*  Ah wait have i said vacation? I’m not having vacation though I mean i’m still in class ahahah XD And with my course, I never get any vacation lmao XD

Nine without glasses is LOVE! <3 And i adore Twelve too, he’s just too cute <3 It’s ironic though, it’s like Kageyama and Yamaguchi became terrorists- *shot* And about Five? Well, I’m pretty indifferent about her so far, though I’m really interested about her past with Nine and Twelve. Five’s Engrish definitely needs some work, that’s for sure. //slapped

Oh yeah I’ve read that too, I think it was either from flamingo-chan or noragamis’ posts XD I definitely want another season of Noragami, I honestly think that it should’ve been better as 2 cour rather than 1 cour. What do you think  though, is it still possible for it to have a second season? How much older.. well iirc Raku’s sister is like 18.. Raku is 16 XD She’s now his teacher since even though she’s only two years older she’s a genius and is an accelerated student, she even earned her degree in the US and came back to Japan just recently. Hmmm i don’t know? I just don’t like super effeminate guys I guess? I mean, just like in Fushigi Yuugi I never liked Hotohori, in HxH I never liked Kurapika, in Yuyu Hakusho I never liked Kurama… you can spot the similarities there, uh-huh XD

Ah I don’t really draw it professionally, since he’s just making it for himself? I don’t know, I’m kinda like the artist but seriously I’m so pissed off at my employer aaaaah I wanna kill him jk jk XD But if you’re curious I’ve posted my rage here.

And oooh the new Rurouni Kenshin movie’s being shown now! Are you gonna watch it too? :DD And take care always anon, glad to see you again, really! *gloooooooooooomps*


Doujinshi - Yopparatte Shimaimashita by Bubunhanten

Kageyama and Hinata being dorks x


"For all the readers who like HXH, the author Yoshihiro Togashi is suffering severe backache making it painful for him to work. Therefore, we decide HXH will be on break in WSJ Issue #39&40 (this week and next week). In order to be back in issue #41, Togashi is under treatment now. We hope everyone continues supporting HXH in the future."

Source: Ishuhui and Rio poneglyph from Orojackson

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